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Chronology in the 1000tracks.ru archives

Submitted by on 01/01/2009 – 22:53

Archival materials – articles, interviews, reviews, workshops (i.e. virtually all materials before 2008) – are posted on www.1000tracks.ru in accordance with the actual release date of the magazine in which they were published. This is done in order to comply with the chronology of the publication of my articles on physical media (printed magazines). As a rule, at the end of the article the title of the journal is indicated, in which the article was published, as well as the issue number and year of publication.

In other words, the publication date “October 1, 2005”, indicated in the title of the article, reflects the date of publication in the printed magazine, but not on the Internet. Do not let this confuse you when you see an old article with no (or very few) comments.

Most of my archived articles posted here on www.1000tracks.ru, were either not published at all on the Internet earlier, or removed in due time from the websites of relevant magazines for reasons beyond my control (and some of these publications ceased to exist) .

The date of publication of news and all materials after 2008 corresponds to the date of posting on the Internet.

Elena Stepanova

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