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The sound palette of electronic music: a short historical essay

28/09/2018 – 10:00

Elena Stepanova
Abstract: The article reviews the main achievements in the field of musical technology that formed the sound palette of popular music in the second half of the XX century. The influence of electronic musical …

Jean Michel Jarre: “Exit”

12/06/2016 – 09:48
jarre exit

In April 2016, Jean Michel Jarre released a video clip called “Exit” — a techno electronic track featuring none other than a former CIA employee, Edward Snowden, known for his disclosures of the US intelligence …

Theremin: the past, the present, and the future [for Lev Korolev’s article in Radio Magazine]

01/01/2009 – 05:24

The theremin is undoubtedly the hardest musical instrument to play that was ever created by a human. It has no visible fingerboard or keyboard. You play it without touching anything. You cannot see where exactly …

Theremin (video)

25/11/2008 – 22:07

The theremin is the most renowned creature of the Russian engineer Leo Theremin. This musical instrument immortalized the name of its deginer. Leo Theremin had both musical and technical education. He invented the theory …