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Theremin: the past, the present, and the future [for Lev Korolev’s article in Radio Magazine]

Submitted by on 01/01/2009 – 05:24 One Comment

The theremin is undoubtedly the hardest musical instrument to play that was ever created by a human. It has no visible fingerboard or keyboard. You play it without touching anything. You cannot see where exactly the pitches are located in the air between your hand and the antenna. So if you try to play it without a serious training, you will unavoidably go off pitch.

Playing the theremin requires extraordinary music skills. As a thereminist, you will constantly try to conquer the tiny changes of the electric field. In fact, you need to live in this field to control it — so and in no other way you can enjoy playing tunes by the magical, exciting sound that made the theremin famous. It requires an outstanding musician to achieve such a level of control.


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