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Sound sculptor: Glenn Gould’s views on sound recording

03/10/2018 – 16:04

Elena Stepanova
Abstract: The article outlines the views of the Canadian pianist Glenn Gould (1932-1982) on the role of sound recording in the creative process, formed as a result of his artistic practice.
Keywords: sound recording, audio …

The sound palette of electronic music: a short historical essay

28/09/2018 – 10:00

Elena Stepanova
Abstract: The article reviews the main achievements in the field of musical technology that formed the sound palette of popular music in the second half of the XX century. The influence of electronic musical …

Studying the British musical underground of the 1960s

09/04/2018 – 17:59

Elena Stepanova
Abstract: The article reviews the concept of “progressive music”, emerged in the British musical culture in the second half of the 1960s — the sociological and musical features of this musical style, experiments with …

Jean Michel Jarre: “Exit”

12/06/2016 – 09:48
jarre exit

In April 2016, Jean Michel Jarre released a video clip called “Exit” — a techno electronic track featuring none other than a former CIA employee, Edward Snowden, known for his disclosures of the US intelligence …

Alan Parsons: «Art & Science of Sound Recording» (The Book)

06/12/2014 – 20:27
Алан Парсонз: «Art & Science of Sound Recording» (книга)

Hal Leonard have recently published a book by Alan Parsons, «Art & Science of Sound Recording», which is a companion book to the 3-DVD set of educational videos released a few years ago. The book, …

Creative Media Theory (2): Cyberspace and cyberculture

26/07/2011 – 14:25

Another excerpt from Elena Stepanova’s essay, “Research Methods and Theoretical Perspectives” (2011).
We have turned into a global information society that includes everyone as a fragment of cyberspace. Electronic media and the Internet in particular act …

Creative Media Theory (1): Overview Comments

25/07/2011 – 17:00

A fragment of Elena Stepanova’s essay, “Research Methods and Theoretical Perspectives” (2011), written for the theoretical part of her academic research.
Creative media theory is a relatively new discipline that is still in the process …

Musikmesse 2011: Celemony Capstan (video)

19/04/2011 – 06:16
celemony capstan

For over 100 years, music has been recorded on mechanical storage mediums, and for over 100 years such recordings have been plagued by the same problems: wow and flutter. Who isn’t familiar with the wobbling …

Chronology in the 1000tracks.ru archives

01/01/2009 – 22:53

Archival materials – articles, interviews, reviews, workshops (i.e. virtually all materials before 2008) – are posted on www.1000tracks.ru in accordance with the actual release date of the magazine in which they were published. This is …